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Alexandra and Conor O'Shea, London, April 2019

We have used Lake Garda Real Estate and the wonderful Lisa and Mauro on a regular basis and they provide an exceptional service, not only in locating suitable properties but their on-going assistance and expertise is second to none. We would highly recommend them. Thanks Lisa and Mauro, it is our pleasure to have met you.

Cindy and Raoul Russell, United States, Apr 2019

Lisa and Mauro are a superb team. From our first inquiry through the entire process to taking possession of our new property in Italy, they guided us surely and steadily with accurate and reassuring information and support every step of the way.

Now, even after the final transactions, we rely on their consummately professional advice, networks and personal guidance for maintenance, renovations, services and beyond. We are deeply happy with our choice in real estate/property management professionals.

Alberto Rizzatti, Peschiera del Garda Mar 2019

Professionalism that in todays world always pays, excellent real estate solutions for Italian and non-Italian customers, mother tongue English speaker at your complete disposal.

Wes English, Sunderland, UK, Nov 2018

Lisa is just fantastic from start to finish. Successfully sold a 2 bed apartment for us meeting our aspirations. On top of this she always goes that extra length to make the process easier especially when we are based in the UK and can't speak the language. Do not hesitate in using this service!!

Danny Riemersma, Netherlands Jul 2016

In July 2016 I bought a property through Lake Garda Real Estate. As an International Tourism Consultant I deliver courses on "Providing Service to International Clients". Lake Garda Real Estate really understands this concept. Contrary to most real estate agents, their work doesn't stop when the deal is closed but a lot of time is spent in after-sales. Assisting with necessary issues like setting up a bank account, permits, essential repairs to move into the property, every request for assistance is met. Many thanks Lisa and Mauro. If you need any other info based on this review please contact me by email. Lisa will be happy to provide you with my contact details.

Mark Sadykhov and Irene Sheytman, Houston USA Dec 2015

We are very lucky that, while looking for property in Garda, we met with Lisa Webb. She seems to know everything about the area and everyone in it, and we are very impressed with her skills and knowledge.

Lisa also has a deep understanding of local customs which she shares with her clients, and whenever we needed help – from translation to advice on the “where’s” and “what’s” – she was there for us, and in fact still is. Even though her job is done, she enthusiastically continues to dedicate her time to solving some of our issues after closing and happily answers all of our questions. 

Нам повезло познакомиться с агентом по продаже недвижимости Лизой Уэбб,  когда мы искали виллу на оз. Гарда. Она очень опытный и грамотный агент, и, кажется, знает все и всех в этом регионе.  Обладая обширными знаниями она щедро делится ими с клиентами; Лиза готова всегда придти нам на помощь будь то перевод с итальянского, или совет где и что купить.  И хотя работа ее завершена после передачи недвижимости новым владельцам, она не жалеет времени на то, чтобы помочь своим клиентам решить возникающие мелкие проблемы или ответить на вопросы. 

Petr and Eva Oplistilovi Liberec, Czech Republic May 2015

It has only been a month since we successfully became the owners of an apartment in Lago di Garda by the means of Lake Garda Real Estate. From the first meeting up until the signing of the final notary contracts, everything proceeded at a highly professional level and what is more, in a an extremely short time. We wish to express our great thanks to Mrs Lisa Webb and Mr Mauro Bellini for their personal attitude to us, clear and always transparent negotiations and total reliability.

We highly appreciate Lisa’s kind help with the consequent arrangement of the necessary formalities, which would be, considering our miserable knowledge of Italian, more than problematic. We were very much impressed by the willingness, proactive attitude as well as the perfect organization Lisa provided.
We would like to recommend  Lake Garda Real Estate to everyone considering buying a property in Italy.

Thank you for your help Lisa once again.

Petr and Eva Oplištilovi
Liberec, Czech Republic

Je tomu teprve měsíc, co jsme se úspěšně stali majiteli apartmánu na Lago di Garda prostřednictvím realitní agentury paní Lisy Webb. Od prvního setkání až po konečné podepsaní kontraktu u notáře vše proběhlo na vysoce profesionální úrovni a co víc, v rekordně krátkém čase. Chtěli bychom touto cestou vyjádřit svůj dík paní Lisse Webb a pan Mauro Bellinimu za jejich osobní přístup k nám jako ke klientovi, srozumitelné, vždy transparentní jednání a naprostou spolehlivost. Velice si vážíme následné pomoci při zařizování všech administrativních formalit, které by s naší mizivou znalostí italštiny byly přinejmenším problematické. Ochota paní Lisy Webb, její aktivní pomoc a perfektní organizace na nás udělala veliký dojem. Všem případným zájemcům o reality v Itálii můžeme perfektní služby  Lake Garda Real Estate pouze doporučit.

Lízo, ještě jednou díky za pomoc.

Petr a Eva Oplištilovi
Liberec, Česká Republika

John & Kath Hardwick, Sheffield, UK May 2015

Dear Lisa, just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the help you have given us in connection with the recent sale of our property at Lake Garda. A process which initially seemed extremely daunting became straightforward solely due to your attention to detail and exceptional professionalism.

We will always be grateful for the manner in which you not only found a buyer despite being in the depths of an an Italian recession but contacted all the relevant agencies on our behalf. Quite simply we couldn't have done it without you. 

Thank you. 
John & Kath Hardwick