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Thinking of selling your home? Here’s how to select an Estate Agency that is right for you.

There are a multitude of articles with advice on what to look for or red flags of what steer clear of when selecting a Real Estate Agent to come and value your home.
But what about the green flags? What are the phrases that just seem to resonate with you, and the clues that indicate that the Agent that you are in front of could be the one for you?

This is what we have learned over the years, and its refreshingly simple:

Clear and demonstrable pricing strategy
An experienced agent will be able to explain in detail their method of valuation and subsequent pricing strategy AND back it up with data that everyone can understand. No vague or wild estimates, just transparency.

Value added service
A successful agent is proud of their agency and the work that they do. 
They will highlight how their procedures and resources can boost your selling potential, in order to get the best possible price for you, all whilst minimising unnecessary stress during the process. After all its not just about us, its about promoting the hidden value in your home to get tangible results.

A personalised Marketing plan
The majority of agents push to list your property as soon as possible, the sooner it’s visible on the property portals, the quicker it will sell, right?
Thats not always true, or at least thats not the way we see things. We are firm believers in treating each property and its owners as a unique individual - and we will put together a personalised marketing plan that is right for you and for your home. This can include capturing beautiful lifestyle photographs, video, paid advertising campaigns and visibility on major International property portals.

Unlike traditional marketing, personalised marketing often sparks more interest in your home, and frequently results in getting more for your home. And whilst this approach typically takes more time to curate, it’s always worth the effort. It’s not a 'get it online and hope for the best' approach. It involves a creative thought process in order to showcase your home in all its glory to attract the right buyer who are willing to spend money to get what they want.

If you are thinking of selling your home, or if your home is already on the market with little success, then give us a call on +39 338 2837788. We’d love to help.