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The fascinating Lake Garda underwater nativity scene

Also this year, prepare to be enchanted by the nativity scene set in the waters of Lake Garda: the show is guaranteed especially at sunset and at night from Ponte San Giovanni.

Peschiera del Garda celebrates annually the birth of Jesus with a truly special nativity scene: the Holy Family, the shepherds and the sheep lying on the seabed of the Canal di Mezzo, where the waters of Lake Garda blend smoothly with those of River Mincio. The stylized figures in metal can be seen in all their glory, thanks to skilful tricks of light from Ponte San Giovanni.
The realization of the "Nativity of the Lake", which dates back to 1980, is possible thanks to the Sub Club Peschiera del Garda, which takes care every year of the preparation for the enjoyment of visitors and onlookers from everywhere. Just walk through the Canal di Mezzo and go find the scuba-divers so that they can tell you such unique story, and describe this unique show under the clear waters of Lake Garda.
Christmas Eve and the baby Jesus.