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10 ideas to prepare your terrace for the summer

Spring is the time for rebirth, renewal and cleaning anything that doesn’t move! Here are 10 ideas to transform your terrace an irresistible summer retreat.
The days are getting longer and lighter and we are thinking about spending time outdoors. The time has come to fix your terrace. You need to start rethinking spaces, to create a warm and welcoming place, but above all your corner of peace that makes you feel good.

Start with a thorough cleaning of the terrace
After a winter full of rain, wind and cold, the first thing to do is to clean it from top to bottom. Without leaving anything to chance, move everything from furniture to planters, from pots with plants to all other accessories. Just use hot soapy water and that's it, the floor will be as good as new. Ah, obviously don't forget to clean up any railings and walls as well.
Rearrange spaces in a different way
After so many months, does the arrangement of the outdoor furniture seem to you already seen and even a bit boring? This is absolutely normal! Preparing the terrace for the arrival of summer is an opportunity to put into practice some changes. So take advantage of the fact that you have removed all the furniture to rearrange them as you like. Maybe you will find that with the new layout your terrace will become even more functional and practical. Swap the places of the planters, position the chairs asymmetrically.
Choose style and colours that reflect your style
There is no shortage of ideas for decorating outdoor spaces and today you have a myriad of styles available, from which to choose the one that best suits your personality. Preparing your terrace for spring can be an opportunity to choose new combinations of colours and styles, choosing between more rustic or minimal styles. For example, with the boho style you can combine bright and warm colours, focusing everything on wood. Or you can try some Scandinavian influences, choosing black and white furniture and accessories and adding a pop of colour here and there. In any case, your terrace will be very chic and elegant.

Buy new outdoor furniture
Keeping old and worn furniture is not a good idea. Doing so limits the success of your project. Spring is the ideal time to choose outdoor furniture, made of materials suitable for high (or low temperatures), with colourful and cheerful colours. If you want a more elegant style you can also opt for wooden furniture. A little tip? Choose an outdoor furniture that reflects the indoor one, in order to create continuity between all the rooms of the house.
Tricks to make the terrace look bigger
Not all terraces are large, so if you have a small space and want to make it larger, here are some useful and ingenious tricks for you. No need to demolish walls! For example, it is enough to repaint the walls with light colours and install large mirrors, to create the illusion of a larger room. And then you can opt for space-saving options like folding furniture (to store away when not in use) and "vertical" cultivation. So opt for hanging planters or climbing plants.
Grow your green thumb
Speaking of plants, spring means greenery and flowers. Therefore, to better prepare the terrace for the arrival of summer, let the "green thumb" in you emerge. With a little patience, even the less experienced person can create a magical and relaxing corner of greenery. Choose plants suitable for decorating the terrace such as azaleas that bloom in March, very fragrant and available in many colours from white to red. Or opt for freesias which give an incredible touch of joy. But not only that, take the opportunity to plant aromatic herbs which, in addition to filling the atmosphere with splendid scents, are always useful.
Place pots and planters in the sun
Plants and flowers need light and warmth, so arrange your planters and pots the right way. Make sure they have all the light they need. They are decorative, of course, but above all they are living creatures to which you must dedicate yourself with care and love.
Arrange some shaded areas
Sun for the plants and some shade for you. With the arrival of spring we have to prepare plants and flowers but also a space dedicated to relaxation. As nice as it is to get some sun and rejuvenate yourself from the cold winter, don't forget to create some shade with umbrellas, awnings or a nice canopy to hang like a roof. If you want to give an extra touch of exoticism you can opt for a canopy curtain, simple and elegant at the same time.
Don't forget the lighting!
Balmy evenings, days that get longer. The greenery of the plants, a nice table with an aperitivo and a trace of music in the background. What is missing? Prepare your terrace for the arrival of spring by installing lights. Whether they are candles, or "fairy lights" wire lights with this touch of class you will give your evenings on the terrace a touch of magic, and create a unique and special atmosphere.
Create a warm and convivial atmosphere
There is no shortage of ideas to prepare your terrace for the arrival of spring. But whatever your choice, always make sure that your very personal outdoor space is welcoming and convivial. Focus on furniture and lights but also on accessories, with which you not only make everything more comfortable but you can also give an extra touch of colour and contrast. Put lots of cushions on the chairs, on the sofa and even on the floor and maybe a nice rug. And if you really want to impress, install a beautiful outdoor firepit that adapts to the style of furniture you have chosen. With these simple ideas your evenings on the terrace will be unforgettable.